Install Ajax Toolkit In Visual Studio 2005.


How to install IIS service in Windows-7 ?

When we want to run our web application from our local host, then the basic requirement is to install IIS service on your windows. To perform this task you need to insert disk of windows-7 in your disk drive or you can load image of Windows-7.

Following steps will help you to install IIS service in your Windows-7.

Step:-1. Go to "Control Panel".

Step:-2. Click on "View by" to change the view from default to as shown below.

Step:-3. Now click on "Default Programs" for further process as shown below.

Step:-4. Then single click on "Programs and Features" as shown below.

Step:-5. Now turn on the windows features by click as shown below.

Step:-6. Now, you need to select the choices as shown below for further installation process.

Next image is for selecting purpose.

Step:-7. By click on the "OK" button it will automatically install this features on your windows.

You can confirm the installation process by checking "inetpub" folder in your windows drive.