Install Ajax Toolkit In Visual Studio 2005.

Friday, July 23, 2010

How to install ajaxtoolkit in visual studio 2005.

Here i have shown some of the steps to install Ajax Toolkit in visual studio 2005.

Before Adding Ajax Toolkit In VS-2005, you need to run a setup file "ASPAJAXExtSetup". This will help you to get AJAX Extensions in your Toolbox.

Download ASPAJAXExtSetup within a click here.

Follow the simple steps to install AjaxExtSetup.

Step:-1 First run the .exe file and then do as follows.

Step:-2 Now, Accept the terms and and go for next.

Step:-3 After the completion of above steps, you can automatically access the Ajax extension in Visual Studio 2005. You can show under.

Thus, how you can use the facility of Ajax Extension and experience the difference... :-)

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