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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Install AJAX Controls Toolkit In - Visual Studio 2010.

First of all when you are going to install Ajax Control Toolkit in VS-2010, then first thing you have to remember - in visual studio 2010, you can install the Ajax control toolkit version 2 also but that will create some problem. (At the time of using these controls)  So better to use this one you must have to use Ajax Control Tool Kit 4 in Visual studio 2010.

You can download Ajax Control Toolkit 4 form this link : Click Here For Download

Once Download completed just extract it into your folder.

Walk Through to this steps for installing.

Step:1 Add New Tab, By right click on any control's category (like- Data, General).

Add New Tab

 Step:2  By right click on the made tab (like - Ajax Controls) select the - "choose items" for choosing your .dll file  from your computer.

Choose Items

Step:3 Now you just have to browse, and find that downloaded file with extension .dll and click on OK button. For installing your AJAX controls toolkit on your system.

Choose Your DLL File

Like This Way You Need To Attach

 Step:4 After Click on OK button, you can find the components in your Toolbox inside your made Tab (ex. Ajax Controls) and you can easily use it as per requirement. 

Show the Components.

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